26 Feb



Trans by @NYAH_NYAH_

Fans asked them if they fart in front of each other [and] they said, “We’ll pass up on this question because it’s dirty XD (via @YODA_JYJ)

Trans by@SweetieXiah

Fans requested YC to say a line from his drama. JJ took out a money bill then YC said “Your majesty” xDDD

Fan: Are you happy? JS: Yes, I am happy. Other members are happy too

Jaejoong told the camera ajusshi to ask a question xDDDD waylt JJ

JJ: I want to watch Elisabeth too but I don’t have tickets, how can I go?…Just kidding. But will you really give me your ticket?
JS: Even I don’t have any tickets xDDDD
Fan: Where did you move to?
JS: Where did I move to?…Seoul. Please just read it on the news. There were many articles

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