6 Apr


AGB Nielsen Korea

Nationwide: 12.5%
Seoul: 14%

Nationwide: King 2 Hearts 12.1%, Equator Man 10.2%
Seoul: King 2 Hearts 14.3%, Equator Man 10.5%

TNmS Media Korea

Nationwide: 14.2%
Seoul: 16.9%

Nationwide: King 2 Hearts 12.2%, Equator Man 9.6%
Seoul: King 2 Hearts 14.7%, Equator Man 11.1%

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4 Apr


Credit: jaejoong860126 (original video), TeamJaejoong (eng subs)
Translation Credit: Yule of PrinceJJ
Shared By:  PrinceJJ + JYJ3

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4 Apr

fashion follows yoochun

Kim So Hyun (@wowkimsohyun): @6002theMicky Your Highness! Your Highness’ denim outfit look is too handsome~ ^^ Thus lil’ Crown Princess is trying it too. ♥♥ Please smile always!! ♥ http://pic.twitter.com/vLToeQaH
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3 Apr

fashion follows yoochun

54 pic (rar file)

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1 Apr


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31 Mar



Yoochun is successful in winning the audience over with his different type of charm that he shows off in ‘Rooftop Prince.’

The Wednesday episode of SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’ Yoochun depicted crown prince of Lee Gak from the past showing off a different charm as he followed Han Ji Min.

The episode drew laughter as Yoochun, instead of his usual red training suit he decided to wear a denim jacket along with jeans, seemed pleased at his attire. Especially, Do Chisan bringing a pair of ugg boots stating that he found the kings shoes and Yoochun nodding in agreement was the highlight.

Surely this kind of odd behavior with sad emotion in a character was never seen before. This kind of unrealistic character however has been well received through the excellent acting skills of Yoochun.

SBS drama director stated, “Park Yoochun demonstrated his outstanding abilities.”

Yoochun was in doubted if he could…

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30 Mar



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